Nov 26, 2009

Event -Beauty of Persian Art- in Alliance Francaise, Dubai

A culture communicating event, Beauty of Persian Art was held in Alliance Francaise in Dubai last Saturday.
More than 200 people visited the exhibition, and very successful. Amir Hossein himself presented secrets of his arts with French translation, and all the guests were full of satisfaction with his achivement of his works. A part of Amir Hossein's life, Iranian culture and art were also introduced at the same time, and it was a big impact and great impression for the guests...
He hope to have another event such as this exhibition again in the future...
In the end, thank you for all of people who visited the event, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Nov 20, 2009

Event in Alliance Francaise - Beauty of Persian Art -

Amir Hossein will join an event by Alliance Francaise on 21st of November, Saturday.
It will be a great opportunity for you to see not only Amir Hossein's magnificent art, but also other types of fantastic Iranian Art such as world-famous persian carpet, illumination....

Nov 17, 2009

Contact details

Amir Hossein Golshani

WAFI mall, Dubai, Khan Murjan Souk

Nov 16, 2009

Art -Ivory-

A masterpiece of ivory work was photographed by a professional photographer. Please open one by one, and enjoy the beauty of the work...

Nov 14, 2009

Art -calligraphy- vol.1

A Basis of Amir Hossein's all art is this amazing technich of calligraphy. Nearly 20 years his experience supports his every work, and always with him...

Of course, you can ask him to write your name, etc...  on paper, as well as on other materials...

Nov 10, 2009

Art -gold- vol.1

Engraved "Dubai" on gold jewelley.

Nov 9, 2009

Art -stamps- vol.4

size: 2cm x 2cm
material: stone

Chinese style stamp engraved a name in Arabic.

Art -shell- vol.4

A gift card with heartwarming message made with shell.
size: about 25cm

Nov 7, 2009

Art -glass- vol.4

Beatiful glasses for wedding reception.
Engraved  for one couple by Amir Hossein with kind wishes...